Quailty Products

Premium Fragrance Oils

American Grown Soy

Our soy candles are made with 100% American grown soybeans. We pair our eco-friendly soy wax with a natural crackling wooden wick. This combo allows the candle to burn longer than other traditional candles, and crackles as it releases quality long lasting IHD fragrances. Our custom concentrated fragrance is blended with the soy wax in liquid form then hand poured. We pride ourselves on our candles’ strong and long lasting scent throw for your enjoyment!

Natural Bamboo Sticks

Our Premium Quality 11” incense sticks are great for any occasion. Our sticks are hand made with natural bamboo, accompanied by natural tree wood powder base encasing. Hand dipped in our custom concentrated Fragrance oil for your pleasure!   Our premium hand dipped bamboo incense sticks are extremely potent and long lasting. With over an hour of burn time each stick, you’ll save money while you burn.